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As a manufacturer of the world's most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective access control products, Chamberlain® is determined to build on its established reputation as the industry leader. 

Since our introduction more than 40 years ago, LiftMaster® has revolutionized the garage door opener industry and is now proud to be the world's #1 professionally installed garage door opener. LiftMaster products offer safety, security, and convenience, and are proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use. We continue to design products that make home access easier, and put you in control of how you come and go. 

Today, more than half of homeowners (70%) rely on the garage door as the primary entrance into their home and the automatic garage door opener as a way to open and close it. The garage door is also the largest door to the home, and for that reason, it is important that it open and close when you need it to. Professional installation is key. Our nation-wide network of authorized dealers can help you find the right model, install your unit, and provide routine service checks to help keep your garage door and the opener functioning properly. We also guarantee that when you have a product installed by a LiftMaster professional, the job will be done right. 

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Liftmaster Model 335LM

This 2 or 3 wire receiver has 100 billion rolling codes. Can be connected to many different garage and gate systems. Compatible will all security + Transmitters


Liftmaster Model 535LM

This Universal 3 wire receiver has 100-billion rolling codes. Can be connected to many different types of garage door operating systems. Compatible with all Security+ transmitters.


Liftmaster Model 970LM

Compatibility list: Current Liftmaster remote: 970LM. Original Chambelain remote: 956CB. Current Chamberlain replacement: 970LM. Current Sears replacement: 970LM. Universal receiver compatibility:Security+ models-335LM,535LM,412HM,635LM.


Liftmaster Model 971LM

Compatibility list- Original Liftmaster remote: 91LM,971LM. Current Liftmaster replacement: 971LM. Original Chamberlain remote: 950CB. Current Chamberlain replacement: 971LM. Original Sears replacement: 139.53681, 139.53680. Current Sears replacement: 971LM.


Liftmaster Model 972LM

Compatibility list: Original Liftmaster remote: 92LM, 972LM. Current Liftmaster replacement: 972LM. Current Chamberlain replacement: 972LM. Current Sears replacement : 972LM.


Liftmaster Model 973LM

Compatibility list: Original Liftmaster remote: 96LM,973LM. Current Liftmaster replacement: 973LM. Original Chambelain remote: 953CB. Current Chamberlain replacement: 973LM. Current Sears replacement: 973LM.


Liftmaster Model 976LM

Compatible with all Security+ models. Operates with Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Sears opening devices equipped with Security+ technology.