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Muticode Model 3089

300mhz-1 button: Controls one device. Garage door or Gate. Can be coded to the model#1090 receiver.


Multicode Model 4120

300mhz-2 button: Requires "two"separate Multi-code model# 1090 receivers for each operating device. PERFECT FOR TWO SEPARATE GARAGE DOORS OR ONE GATE AND ONE DOOR APPLICATIONS


Multicode Model 4140

300mhz-2 button: Controls four separate operating devices. Can use with "four" single-channel Multi-code/1090 receivers. PERFECT FOR ONE GATE WITH THREE GARAGE DOORS, OR FOUR GARAGE DOORS


Multicode Model 3070

**300mhz-1 button/miniture transmitter** Can be coded to the Multi-code/1090 receiver, attaches to your key chain! Comes in multi-code standard color, or can special order neon colors-Pink,Orange or Green


Multicode Model 1090

**300mhz single channel receiver** Can be used with any of the family of Multi-code transmitters. For "two" and "four" button transmitters it is neccesary to use "one" receiver" for each channel or button.


Multicode Model 4200

This wireless keypad operates with the Multi-code 1090 receiver as listed above. Has LED mode indicator. Uses 9 volt battery.