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DIY Tips

Tips and suggestions on how to set post for wood fence. These tips can save you time, money and effort. Read all suggestions carefully before beginning the job.


a. As a rule, you should set fence posts about 8' apart. The spacing of the posts depends on the type of fence you build, the terrain, the purpose of the fence, and other such factors.

b. First you will want to pull stings. Drive a stake at every point where you are starting or stopping. On the corners you want to have your stakes out far enough so that your stings cross where the corner post is to be set. This allow you to square your corners up.

c. Next take a shovel and mark your holes(It's best to stay around 7' 10")

d. Take time to measure and position the posts accurately. The appearance and the structural strength of your fence depends a great deal on the positioning of the fence posts. 


a. Set all wood fence posts with about 2 1/2-3' in the ground. This is especially important on corner posts and any posts that will carry heavy weight or withstand high wind pressure.

b. Use a regular post hole digger to dig the post holes. Dig the holes straight to the proper depth at each hole you marked with the shovel

c. Make sure holes are dug under the string your previously pulled.

d. Place all your post in the holes.

f. Be sure the posts are in an exact, upright position and level to the sting. You can check the alignment of each post with a regular level. You want to set your post so that they are level when touching the sting. Remember that you don't want your post pushing the sting out but just touching it when level.

g. Pour concrete when post is level in both directions.(This normally requires two people). The process known as layering is the best and fastest way to pour your concrete. Once your post is level in both directions have your concrete and water ready. First pour in some water (about 1/4 of a bucket) then pour in some concrete (1/4-1/2 bag)Use your shovel to mix well. Repeat this process until your hole is full. Note: it is usually to leave concrete below ground a few inches then add dirt and tamp with your foot when post is level. This will help hold post level during the drying process

h. When the post is properly aligned, tamp it thoroughly to pack the dirt (if used) around the base of the post. Be sure you do not alter the alignment of the post during the tamping process.

i . Allow the posts to stand several days and settle firmly in position before adding the fence. 

Please be sure to check back for more tips and helpful info. We will be updating on a regular basis!

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Privacy Fences

Privacy fences offer privacy as well as security. They are great for any backyard. Privacy fences work great for swimming pool security and privacy and are often not as expensive as a wrought iron fence. They come in a variety of styles and grades. Go with the side by side spruce if you are looking for an economical fence. If you are looking for total privacy with beauty endurance try the Board on board cedar.

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